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Hello.  We’re Haymaker, A Creative Agency Located In Annapolis. Take A Look Around & Don’t Be Shy.

Haymaker Media is where you GET MORE. If you’re paying a huge sum for Web Marketing and receiving no messaging or video content, you’re not getting enough from your marketing.

You must make your customers think, laugh or inspire them; teach them something new and they’ll remember you when it comes time to buy. Because nobody engages with an ad. People engage with what interests them…sometimes that’s an ad.

We want your message to be remembered, even if your potential customer is making a sandwich while your commercial is on.

And we do that through Branding and Planning.  We design and manage every message that goes out to the market, making certain every marketing channel is branded exactly to your message and look.  And we strategically plan your marketing spend to get in front of the most valuable eyes for your business.

Together, We’ll Make Beautiful Things

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Jay Baer

“If your stories are all about your products and services, that’s not storytelling. It’s a brochure. Give yourself permission to make the story bigger.”

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Gary Vaynerchuk

“If you’re not putting relevant content in relevant places – you don’t exist.”

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What Is Branding?

An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. But what exactly does “branding” mean? Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from that of your competitors. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.

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What Is Advertising?

It’s no secret the world is changing on a daily basis. With so many new media options popping up every day, maximizing your investment has never been more critical or seemingly difficult. Fear not! That’s where an integrated advertising agency, like Haymaker Media comes in. An integrated advertising agency helps advertisers navigate the ever-changing seas to establish connections with their consumers, develop brand recognition like never before and ultimately drive sales.

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What Is Media Planning?

Media planning is one of the four key disciplines within advertising, along with account management, brand planning and developing creative. Media planning entails finding the most appropriate media platform to advertise the company or client’s brand/product. Media planners determine when, where and how often a message should be placed. Their goal is to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message to generate the desired response and then stay within the designated budget.

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What Is VR?

Virtual reality is aN immersive environment that lets you experience a different reality. A VR headset fits around your head and over your eyes, and visually separates you from whatever space you’re physically occupying. Images are fed to your eyes from two small lenses. Through VR you can virtually hike the Grand Canyon, tour the Louvre, experience a movie as if you are part of it, and immerse yourself in a video game without leaving your couch.

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Oh, & We Blog Sometimes

March 14, 2017

The Future Of Virtual Reality Isn’t Your Living Room – It’s The Mall

March 14, 2017 in Blog

YouTube Challenges Agencies to Shrink Classic Books Into 6 Second Ads

Who says you can’t tell a wonderfully complex story in six seconds? Certainly not YouTube, which challenged creatives in the ad world to adapt Western civilization’s best books into six-second…

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Why Creative Agencies Need to Think Like Consultants in 2017

As marketing becomes increasingly driven by data and technology, ad agencies are having to compete for business against a newfound rival: consulting firms like Accenture and Deloitte. While this tension…

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March 13, 2017 in Blog

Vimeo launches 360-degree video, giving VR ways to make money

Vimeo on Wednesday added the ability to upload and watch 360-degree videos, widening the places to watch VR experiences and offering options to sell or rent experiences directly to viewers…

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March 13, 2017 in Blog

Virtual-reality house hunting: It’s almost like being there

At first blush, local broker Brett Furman’s listings seem like many others: There are pricey properties and cheaper ones; some close to the city, and some far away. Million-dollar English…

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